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Anaïs Nin / Heidi Hahn


Anaïs Nin


Drawings by Heidi Hahn
Includes a conversation between Heidi Hahn and Marysia Gacek

Design: Marysia Gacek
Copy editor: Maria Petrides

Soft cover
Printed in USA
ISBN 978-0-9962822-5-3

Printed with permission from the Anais Nin Trust and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

"Mallorca" is one of fifteen short stories by Anaïs Nin published posthumously in 1977 as "Delta of Venus." The collection that makes up this anthology was written during the 1940s for a private client known simply as "Collector". This "Collector" commissioned Nin, along with other now well-known writers (including Henry Miller and the poet George Barker), to produce erotic fiction for his private consumption. His identity has since been revealed as Roy M. Johnson of Healdton Oil, Oklahoma.

Despite being told to leave poetic language aside and concentrate on graphic, sexually explicit scenarios, Nin was able to give these stories a literary flourish and a layer of images and ideas beyond the pornographic. In her Diary (Oct. 1941), she jokingly referred to herself as "the madam of this snobbish literary house of prostitution, from which vulgarity was excluded".

While using the Kama Sutra and other writings such as those of Krafft-Ebing as models, Nin was very conscious that the languages of male and female sexuality were distinct. Although at times she scorned her erotica, and feared for their impact on her literary reputation, they have subsequently been seen by sex-positive feminists as pioneering work.

Anaïs Nin is the author of sixteen published volumes of the Diary, short stories, novels, critical studies, a collection of essays and two volumes of erotica. Born in Paris in 1903 of parents who were both musicians, she aspired early on to be a writer. She achieved international fame with the publication of the first volume of her Diary in 1966, and was in wide demand as a lecturer until illness forced her into retirement. She died in Los Angeles in 1977.

Heidi Hahn is a New York-based painter known for her vibrant palette, melting figures, and atmospheric moods. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Cooper Union in 2006, and her Master’s degree from Yale University in 2014. Hahn is an acting Professor of Painting and Drawing at Alfred University, NY, and has been the recipient of several awards, residencies, and fellowships, including the Jerome Foundation Grant, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Residency, Madison, ME. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous group and solo shows, including an exhibition at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, KS, in 2018. Hahn has been awarded several residencies and awards, including the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and a Jerome Foundation for the Arts Grant. Her work has also been reviewed in numerous publications, including The New York Times and Hyperallergic. Heidi Hahn is represented by Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York.